About us

ARC-EN-CIEL (‘l’arc-enciel’ means ‘the rainbow’ in French) is a wildlife ranch situated between the foot of the Limietberg and the Groenberg in the Wellington area, Western Cape.. The farm consists of 1 200ha of fenced camps for the breeding of rare game species. The area has been properly planned and divided into various intensive breeding camps, complemented by extensive breeding areas for specific species. These species include a variety of rare game species, like, disease-free African buffalo, bontebok, golden wildebeest/gnu, golden oryx, roan antelope, sable antelope, quagga, kudu, copper, black and white springbuck as well as other more common species such as giraffe, red hartebeest, vaal rhebuck, waterbuck, eland, and black wildebeest.


Our current intensive breeding species are:



The first buffalo heifers arrive in August 2013 and were acquired from Mr. Julius Gers (Papkuil near Kimberley), closely followed by a breeding group of cows and heifers from Klipkamp, shortly afterwards we acquired our breeding bull Taurus (44 inches) from Quaggasfontein and established a maturing breeding herd with the addition of several high quality animals acquired over the last couple of years. While selecting for quality and superior genetics throughout. Our animals are raised on natural pastures and only fed a supplement of a formulated full feed diet to ensure optimum growth and development for each animal. The buffalo are managed on a rotational grazing pastures and monitored closely to ensure breeding success.


Golden Wildebeest:

Our initial breeding stock was acquired from LGB holdings (Castle de Wilt) and Mr. Beyers Gerber (Gerber Boerdery). The group included some split female heifers, golden males and golden females. We started with a group of sub adults animals at the beginning of 2014, but have since established a healthy producing unit of great quality animals.



Our roan breeding project has only recently become a reality. Our first pair of young roan animals were acquired from Mr. Beyers Gerber (Gerber Boerdery) to ensure their adaptation, as nobody (to the best of our knowledge) had ever bred with roan around the Wellington area, in September 2014 we acquired some heifers from Mr. Norman Adami (Nyumbu Game) at the Stud Breeders auction and in October 2015 we bought some more heifers from Wiaan van der Linde (Wintershoek Wild auction) although we are only entering our first breeding season in 2016, we are expecting great things from our breeding bull – Caligula.



The sable antelope at Arc En Ciel were collected from several sources, which includes: Beyers Gerber (Gerber Boerdery), Garry Donian (Maletse Game Breeders / Gariep Eco Reserve), Julius Gers (Papkuil) and Charl De Villiers, (O Solomio). The animals have adapted very well and we are entering our second breeding cycle. Caccius our 4 year old Matetsi breeding bull is estimated at 44”, but we hope to confirm the prediction later in 2016.


Golden Oryx:

The initial golden oryx project was started in 2013 with a golden bull and 6 normal oryx cows bought form Thaba Tholo we have since expanded the project to include golden oryx females from Burchell in Namibia as well as our own bred splits. We have had our first golden female produced from a split heifer at the end of 2015 and hope to continue expanding our breeding project.